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We've just launched Dugout FC and we couldn't be more proud of it.

Dugout FC is the ultimate fantasy football experience for the English Premier League. Draft your own unique team and compete head to head with your weekly opponent.

Our scoring model is unrivalled. We utilise stats from Opta to power the best scoring model in fantasy football. Our scoring categories make every player in every position is important to your team, no more avoiding CDM's!

Meet fellow football fans in one of the many public leagues or create a private league to play against your mates. Create a private league and experience and full league system, with multiple divisions, promotion and of course the shame of relegation, or compete for one season in a public league of 10 teams.

The game is free to play, sign up, give it a whirl.
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Looks pretty cool....I created a league for any other FS fans of the EPL/BPL. The league is the USA footballers. Search for it or click this link:

Championships: 2015 Deep Blue; 2015,2016 League of Titans, 2016 SWBS