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mnbuffer wrote:I have Verizon and use their Messages app version 8.3. I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone. I just wanted to let you know that I've had no problems.

First of all Thank you for the info appreciate it.
I have Verizon and a Motorola g6 & My SMS worked since 2016 then all the sudden didnt. I also then bought another phone just to try it so I spent $100 and got a TracFone service I use the Red Verizon Messenger + App, I get a ton of SMS messages & have no issues the only issue is MFL. They're saying that they are being Blacklisted by all the cell services & that the cell companies have special programs installed to not allow their SMS to work because of the software is tracking MFL 7 not allowing it. My issue is then why do other people like yourself have no issues & your not the only one I've spoken with & was told theres works. Also all of my Leagues are from SafeLeagues, not sure not sure if you use them or a private MFL league. I'm wondering if this has to do with SafeLeagues, but I know people who get the SMS & are in SafeLeagues even in my own fantasy Lge. It just doesnt make sense. For some reason it just really bothers me. SMS works a lot better at notifying a person as to what is happening in the lge. I don't leave my phone on mobile WiFi all day just to waste it Pretty soon I'm buying another phone & going to try it again. If the cell companies are blocking all of MFL's SMS messages & other cell services then how are people still getting SMS if theyre blocked as MFL says they are. Doesnt make sense.. I really like MFL there setup is great. I think its the best out there except for this issue.
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Still having issues with this and it is ridiculous!!
For the amount of money we pay for leagues this NEEDS to work!!
This makes drafting damn near impossible! They literally told me to use email or have my mail forwarded as a message. That's not what we pay for!

My phone carrier is Xfinity, which is on the Verizon network, and no matter what I do I can't even get a validation email!