MFL Questions on new league

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I am just looking to switch over to MFL from CBS and have a couple questions. Can the commissioner change lineups after the games have started? In CBS I would be able to change lineups if a person NEEDED to change something after the game starts.

Can you change the set lineup to have starters on top and then bench on bottom? Similar to CBS or Yahoo. Its just a completely different look compared to them. Not a deal breaker just trying to make it an easier transition.
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As commissioner of our family league I have submitted lineups on behalf of other owners at their request in rare instances, so yes you can submit for another owner. I have not changed a lineup post start time, but you can do that and then recalculate scores/standings for the week after the games are over. One of the examples given for using this feature is a post-start lineup change. There are some contingency settings you have to enable as most leagues want to limit commissioners from having too much access to other teams.

As to lineups, both on the starting lineups report and the scoreboard it shows the starters on top and the bench players on the bottom.

I think you can sign up for a free draft only league. I would do that and then go to the Help menu where you can get information about how to customize league settings.
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Commissioner can change lineups after kickoff.