Leopard Shark
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Joined: Tue Mar 10, 2020
Sand$: 297.88
Up to 12 teams, $20 entry fee


Standard Scoring, 1 pt ppr, Superflex

16 Regular Roster Spots, 3 IR spots

5 Taxi Squad Spots (No restriction on who can go on the TS)

Main Goal: Reach Square 100 and win the $$$

This is a challenge to see if you can manipulate your roster to move so many squares each week

To move on the board, each week the team that scores the most points moves 12 squares,

the team that scores the 2nd most points moves 11 squares, the team that scores the 3rd most points moves 10 squares,

the team that scores the 4th most points moves 9 squares, etc..., the team that scores the least points moves 1 square

Week 1: Everyone is considered off the board

To add to the challenge, it's a Best Ball format and you must retain a full Regular Roster (and be able to submit a lineup)

[url]Possible Outcome[/url]

No One reaches Square 100 by the end of Week 14: Then we'll have a Fantasy Bowl where all 12 teams are involved. Winner Takes All the $$$

Email me, richhavlik@gmail.com, if you have any questions or want to join.
Using LeagueSafe, will have to pay right away before draft.
Will be an email, snake draft, with a 2 hour timer (break at night), will have to accomplish fast before season starts