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Trying to import my ESPN league
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From the help section when I entered "import" as subject:

I'm moving to MyFantasyLeague.com from CBS (or ESPN, or Yahoo, or Fleaflicker, RTSports) - do you offer an automated way of importing my league history to MyFantasyLeague.com?

Answer: Yes! We're experimenting with a new way of automatically transferring league information from CBS, ESPN, Yahoo and Fleaflicker leagues to MyFantasyLeague.com. To try out this new feature, just complete the following steps:

1 ) Set up a historical league on MyFantasyLeague.com using these instructions for the season that you'd like to import. You will have to create one MyFantasyLeague.com league per season you want to import.
2 ) Once you've set up your league, go to the For Commissioners > Setup > League History Setup > Import Remote League page from that league's home page.
3 ) Select the site you're importing from.
4 ) Enter the username, password and league home page URL from the remote site. But sure to check the checkbox indicating you understand what will happen next.
5 ) Review what the system is about to import to make sure it looks correct. As of now, we offer the ability to import franchise names, your fantasy schedule, weekly franchise scores, rosters, and a few other franchise-specific pieces of information (email addresses and owner names from some sites, and "honors" from other sites)
6 ) Import the league data.

If you don't find the help you need here you can 'create a ticket' by submitting a question to MFL. The support is outstanding and you'll usually get an answer back immediately.

Also, even if it's not shown as an option, email them and ask them if they still give a discount for importing from other sites. Last year I believe it was only $40 or $50 to run your league on mfl if you imported it in.

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Thanks figured this out right after I posted

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