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Let me start this off by saying that i hate vetoes in paid leagues.

12-Team SF Dynasty with .5 TEP

Auction draft last night. Team A blows his wad on Allen, Fields, Herbert and Burrow. Ends up filling his roster with scraps obviously. Does end up with 2 starting RB (committee guys) and 3 starting WR (not highly desirable guys but did land M.Thomas. Trades are of course expected. No doubt he has to build his team via trade now.

The Trade:


2024 2nd

my thoughts: he's giving up two of the top 7 dynasty sf players for hall addison and brown. the other players and the qbs he gets back are inconsequential. The qbs i can consider of a little value in that he should continue trading. However, kyler due to injury does not carry super high value and love although young is not someone that is highly sought after. Again thats consensus opoinion, but does not mean that someone has to agree.

the team getting allen and fields is only giving up hall and addison from their starting lineup and it feels like this trade give the them a significant competivie advantage over the rest of the league. I dont care if someone has a dominating team but typically that happens over the course of multiple trades, not in one trade. and vlaue wise, this is not equal alue in any way for thsoe two players.

am i crazy? do i allow this to pass? its a $50 league, and if guys wanted to cllude they could do that and spend 100 to win 400 seems like an easy come up opportunity...
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It's generally as simple as this:
Do you have proof they colluded?

Yes - Veto, and take whatever other action you feel is necessary, up to kicking them out
No - accept their trade. Ignore your own valuation of players as everyone has different values and needs.

It may make one team very strong. But it improves the other team in filling gaps left by drafting in a weird way. You aren't there to be the "fairness" police, as you had hinted in your title.
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I see absolutely nothing wrong with that trade.

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There is no way of telling how Players perform once the Season starts
We all just hoping and guessing we picked the right Guys
NFL Teams reshuffle each Year - New Coaches, Draft, FA’s, New OC ‘s, new DC’s and new Schemes not to mention Injuries that may happen during the Year

We all are evaluating Players different

A long winded Answer to basically say that I never vetoed a Trade in 19 Years in 6 Leagues