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Hey Guys,

In the league that I'm running this year I made it known at the start of the season that if someone went obviously inactive that I would set their lineup using yahoos projected scores, inserting the highest projected players each week, but I would not add or drop any player.

This week one of my league mates lost a crucial game to the "ghost" team that may hurt his playoff chances, so he is proposing that next year I not be allowed to alter a inactive lineup. That it would be more fair to just let the chips fall as they may. I'm having a hard time seeing his side of it, is there something I'm missing? How do other commissioner's handle this situation?

Our league is 3 divisions with everybody playing each other once and divisional teams playing each other twice.

Thoughts and opinions appreciated.
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Funny how "fair" seems to align nicely with what would've served his interests in this particular case.

Suppose he had lost to this team in week 1. Then this team gave up, and the commish didn't set his lineup. The chips fell where they may, and since everyone who played this team after he gave up has an advantage over everyone who played this team before he gave up, it costs this guy a playoff spot. Then he's probably saying, hey, let's be fair and write a rule about this!

It seems obvious that what is fair is that everyone plays this team with a full roster. How is it fair to let the late season opponents have an advantage over the early season opponents?

I have a rule just like yours.
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1.) Be upfront about what you will do

2.) Be vigilent and not allow some weeks to slide before acting

3.) Declare what 'projections' you will use

4.) Warn owners (via email best case) if they are approaching such an inactive period before gametime. Standard message should be cut and pasted such as "you have 1 or more players either injured or on bye for this week. If this isn't corrected by kickoff I will have to reset your lineup to best projected as agreed upon before the season."

As long as you are doing all of this, I'd ask him how he'd feel if 3 teams got 2 freebies in their division and the other 8 only got 1 from this inactive team. I wouldn't want to be fighting for a wildcard against one of those teams with an extra free game.

Oh, and I'd consider adding:

5.) Boot such inactive owners after the end of the season if there's not some type of serious excuse for inactivity (illness, etc.)

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The only way I can see his point is if you let that team go unmonitored for several weeks and then you became vigilant about it later. In this case, several "free" wins were given out before his "free" win was yanked back.

I'm fully for the commish making sure each game is competitive, but there's a very crucial line to be walked in situations such as this.

If you do as the previous poster mentioned and pay attention on a weekly basis and state that you're going to manage their lineup the first time it looks as though they're going to start a few blanks; then it's fine on any given week.

If you let it play out a certain amount of time before starting to monitor the team (the longer you wait, the worse), then I can see his point because the commissioner's objectivity is now called into question. "Why'd he choose this week to start doing it, does it help him if the team pulls a win against that owner?!"

Slippery slope question - just be sure to be transparent and consistent with the system and tell the league to jump off a cliff if they don't like it.
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1 league i run we have a similar rule, but it wouldn't ever be put into action until after 1 week of inactivity. this gives me & them time to communicate & for me to figure out what has happened & how i will handle them/it. perhaps slightly unfair that 1 team gets a shot at an easy win, but the league feels it is more fair to every adult who pays a sig amount of money & may just have some life issues going on. this is year 7 & we have had a few inactive weeks, but in most cases they were legit for one reason or another. in the case where it wasn't, they were asked to leave the next year.

this is the 2nd year of another league i run & i just had a friend & co-worker start crayton last week & they still have a legit shot at the playoffs (needing overall points to get in). same guy plays in a league my best friend runs & he was doing the same thing there. i talked to the guy, he had thought he was out of it & hadn't looked at it all week. i told him that such decisions affect other teams playoff chances (at the time i didn't realize he was still in the playoff hunt). my friend & i both will not be having him back next year.
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i think the team line up is each players responsibility. its a nice gesture that u do. but its a unnecessary one. im commissioner every year and i wouldnt want to have to do this each week. and as a player, if my opponent isnt vigilant enough about his roster then he deserves that 0.

and i understand that some players that give up and just leave their line ups as is. they need to be removed from the league the following year

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