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Anyone ever create a power rankings formula that they liked? I was playing around with it and came up with this.

(40)(Total Points Ranking)+(25)(win %)+(5)(Last 3 games total points ranking)+(30)(win % vs league)

The win % vs league is the winning % that the team would have if they had played every team in the league each week.

The total points ranking is in a 12 team league the team in last gets a ranking of 1 and it is divided by 12 to and the team in 1st gets 12 and it is divided by 12 and you get a decimal (I use 3 decimal places). The rating maxes out at 100




Any other thoughts on this? Should I weight something more or less than I did, add something in, or take something out?

I will help in return if you post a link

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