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2 QB League and BYE weeks begin next week.

There are only 4 starting QBs left in FA.

Considering grabbing 3/4 of the QBs left (Glennon/Trubisky are locked for waivers).

I have 3 QBs already and 3 bench players I'm not attached to.

Half the teams in the league have 3 QBs, half hold only 2QBs.

One team with only 2 QBs has both on BYE next week. Another team with only 2 QBs splits their BYEs over the next 2 weeks.

I would attempt to force a trade from both of these teams. Only expecting to be able to extract WR3/4 type players from them.

They did a poor job planning ahead for their teams.

Should I go ahead with this plan or should I be worried it will not be well received and cause more trouble than its worth?

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Like you said, poor planning on their part. If those players represent more value to you (potential points or trade value) than the players currently on your roster then you absolutely should make the change.

If they get mad at you about it, that implies that they believe the roster limits don't apply to them because for some reason they would believe that others should leave their unrostered players (these FA QBs) alone. Weird.

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You're perfectly within your rights to use your own resources (roster spots, which are limited) to hoard players and increase the value you could get with a trade.

What *would* be wrong is if you picked up a bunch of QBs on Saturday, and dropped them so that they would be on waivers and unavailable on Sunday. But if you're holding onto them, there is zero wrong with your actions.
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It might not be well received, but unless you have a rule against it, it's perfectly legal and, if you don't drop other talent you need to make it happen, pretty crafty.
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Absolutely do it. Agree with Eddo's qualification, though. Players picked should have to be kept through the weekend or players picked up and then dropped should available immediately.