An owner died, what to do?

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Hi My league has been running for over 25 years. Most of the owners are original ones. And one of them just passed away this last week. I know its early and morbid to start discussing, what to do. But I need to start figuring out, exactly what to do. This was a single owner team, we do have some co-owner teams. But this was one owner only. Obviously I plan wait awhile before bringing it up, but what are the general thoughts? I should mention that this is a fraternity league, with 95% of the owners in the Frat. He has 2 sons, do I offer the team to them first? Do I put it to a league vote and open it up to another fraternity alumni who wants it? Never had to deal with this situation, but as we are all getting older, I understand that this is something I will have to deal with. And will probably need to set a precedent for the future as well.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

I and the rest of our us are still in shock about his passing, so please be gentle.

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Nothing wrong with asking his sons first. How have vacancies been handled in the past?

Go with your gut and good luck!
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His sons are a great choice, if they're into it.
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I would first ask the other members if they want to continue the league. If they do, then I'd offer to the sons.
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You also have some co-owner teams. Maybe dobeobe would like to own one by themselves.