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Our league uses $ fantasy bucks and teams are allowed to trade them. This currently has to be done manually by the commish. Be nice if there was an option in the settings for this to be done by the system. I'm not sure how hard it would be to add but I'm sure there's lots of leagues that use fantasy bucks.



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from the help center:

Allow owners to trade blind bidding dollars? -

Enable this option to allow owners to trade their Blind Bidding

Dollars. This option only appears if your league is set up to run Blind

Bidding on the General Add/Drops.


This feature will not track these traded dollars if on the Setup >

Blind Bidding Dollars Setup you have enabled the option "Do Winning

Blind Bid Waiver Amounts Get Charged To An Owner's Accounting Report As

"Real" Dollars?". It will only appear on the Accounting Report.


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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, we don't use blind bidding we use waivers for dropped players and open auction for free agents. Blind bidding something to consider for next season though.

Thanks again