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In my opinion this is more of a bug fix rather than a feature request but I'll put it here.

I have sent tickets regarding this issue but they said it would be too big of a fix to implement in-season which is understandable.

I have already filled out my site survey and made this suggestion and if this is an issue for your league I would encourage you to do the same as I don't think this message board gets monitored. The more voices the better chance something gets done about it.

Now on to the issue.

Currently if a player is on IR and that player gets traded that player gets placed on the active roster of the acquiring team. Many times this trade will not be allowed by the system because it creates a roster error (too many players on the active roster) so the trade does not get processed unless you first expand roster limits prior to processing the trade. You better make sure you remember to change the limits back or else you will have a bigger problem.

Furthermore if your league uses the setting that a player must remain on IR for a minimum period then the initial placement of the player on IR gets reset to the trade date and there is no way to reset it. You have to manually track it and then it will require the commissioner to remove the player from IR. Ugh.

The same issues happen with players on the Taxi Squad.

Long story short. If a player is on IR and gets traded that player stays on IR for the receiving team. If a player is on a Taxi Squad and gets traded that player stays on the Taxi Squad for the receiving team.

Again not a feature request but more of a bug fix.

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Agree. Same issues for us. Will also submit.

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i concurr


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A Couple of years ago I submitted a ticket about this problem.

I was basically told "correct...that's the way it is."

I have used MFL exclusively since 2002. Customer service is no where near what it used to be.

They used to implement suggestions. It hasn't happened in years.

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Another problem along these same lines.

If you want to replace a player from your Taxi with a FA there is no way to do it without jumping thru hoops....

Players picked up always goes to active roster. If your roster is full, you can't even pickup the player to add to your taxi.

Even if you have an open spot on your taxi,.