How to question on rosters.

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I am starting a new dynasty league. 12 teams, each will have 28 roster spots and 10 taxi squad spots. Lineups as follows

1 qb

2 rb

3 wr

1 te

1 off. flex

1 dl

1 lb

1 cb

1 def. flex

My question is, how do I set this up on the "Starting Positions" setup page.

I have the mins for each position set to the number required (as listed above), and maxes at one more (ie qb 2, rb3, wr 4, etc).

Then I have "Total Starters" min at 12 and "Total Starters" max at 12.

I have put in 1 for the max "Total QB+RB+WR+TE Players:" and entered 4 for the Total Individual Defensive Players.

Will this give me what I am looking for, or is there a better way to do this?