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Can keep up to 3 of the following. Sacrifice the corresponding draft pick if I select them. Its a PPR League with a Superflex and no kicker.

-Zeke (Round 1). Obviously just need information on his holdout. Trying to delay deadline to submit keepers as long as possible on this one.
-Rodgers (Round 2). Probz Not.
-Mixon (Round 3).
-Edleman (Round 10)
-Tarik Cohen (Final round).
-Dashaen Hamilton (Final Round).

My lean right now (unless get bad news on Zeke front) is Zeke, Mixon, Edleman. Anyone opinions to the contrary are welcome
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What pick do you have in the 1st round? That's a very important piece in determining a 1st round keeper.

Mixon/Edelman/Zeke if a late 1st round pick
Otherwise swap out Zeke for Cohen
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Pick 6. Right in the middle of a 12 team league.
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I have the 6th pick. right in the middle
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Pay attention to Edelman's health. IF you guys start two RBs and two WRs plus a flex, then I would lean to as many running backs as you can get especially in a 12 plus team league. There are just so many WRs who will get 7-9 targets a game but few RBs who will get 15+ touches a game.
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QB: Carr, Wentz
RB: Barkley, Jacobs, Duke Johnson, Gallman and Washington
WR: C Ridley, Cooks, Gordon, Cobb, Metcalf, A J Brown, Deebo, Harmon, and Whiteside.
TE: O J Howard, Engram and Hockenson