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Just a quick story for the Falcons fans.

I heard that Alge Crumpler - in the the year before he left the Falcons - was going to be at the Perimeter Mall Macy's doing autographs one day, so I picked up my son and headed over there to see him. We went into the mall and there was a line of people waiting for him, so we went to get a bite and bought a Falcons ballcap at the Lids store.

When we got back, there was no line, but he was apparently on break, so we stood in the queue and waited our turn by ourselves. A woman came up to get an autograph and had purchased over $100 in Macy's. So when he got back to the desk, they said that my son and I had to wait behind the Macy's customer. A few other people who got stuff at Macy's came up to get in that "priority" line. While that first lady was rummaging through her purse to find something to get autographed, he said in this deep bass voice "Let the little man come up". My son went up and handed him the ballcap and he signed it and shook my son's hand, which was like a minnow in a shark's mouth. He's worn the hat a few times, but still has it on top of his bookshelf, even though he's old enough to learn how to drive now.

I think about this some times when I see so many NFL guys behaving like ego-waving tools who wouldn't give a normal person another thought.

I am WAY more humble than all of you.
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Good story. :thumbright:

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