Matt Ryan at work

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While HC Mke Smith gave the team a day off Monday after a good game and nice win on the road in GB. QB Matt Ryan did not take the day to goof off he was in the teams headquarters to watch film on the teams next oppentent.

Mike Vick never did this as far as I know.

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I really like hearing this. I'll admit I was skeptical of Ryan when we drafted him. He seemed to say all the right things on and after draft day and I figured it was just the same ol' BS lip service.

He's doing damn good so far IMO and I feel good about having him around for years to come. I just hope he keeps it up and the Falcons continue to build around him and do the right things for the franchise.

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Bohern, leave your past behind you. Look to the future, it looks pretty bright. We (my husband and I) watched Ryan while he was at Boston College. I really like what he is doing in Atlanta. I like the combo of the new QB and the new head coach. It seems to be working well.

Keep up the good work!


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Being a Wolfpack fan I got to watch Matt Ryan play football in the ACC. This is just the type of football player he is. I knew we were making the right choice on draft day regardless of what anyone said and now it is showing.
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Who needs michael vick? After a couple of years this kid will have it all....