Got to Stay Positive

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I'll admit I felt like the wind had just been knocked out of me after that "MUFFED" punt by Jennings. Another referee decides the outcome of a game. Not to mention you should still be able to challenge with 0 timeouts (if you have challenges left) at the risk of a 15 yard penalty if you are wrong.

Ryan was ripped of his chance to do what he does best win football games. This was all setting up for Matt Ryan to continue his successful rookie campaign with another come from behind victory. I was 90% sure he was going to score given the opportunity. Saw him play all of his college ball and I've seen a script like this quite a few times.

I'll still be pissed about if for most of the week. Hey, we're 4-3 though and are @ Oakland next week. Can't look past these guys, even though I think this is the first game we will be favored in so far this season. Only 1 game out of first, and a good majority left against division opponents.

I'm really excited for the rest of the season. I think we can be in the thick of things until the end of the season. Should be fun to watch.
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there will be other tuff games and there will be some surprises. So far I like what I see out of this team. We are on the right track barring any major injuries.