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Another disappointing year for browns fans.

I pose to you a few questions about the Browns
1. Why has the pro bowl Quarterback been benched for a second year "rookie"?
2. How does one of the best WRs last year drop so many passes?
3. How do we have the most staph infections (and reinfections) in the league?
4. Why does Josh Cribbs not get the ball 50 times (or more) a game?
5. Why don't we know how to play defence? Romeo, your'e a defensive guy- aren't you?
6. How do you blow 13 point leads 6 days apart from each other?
7. How can you go for it on 4th and goal with 5 minutes left down 14 - 3 with all your time outs left?
8. Then how can you in that same game not punch a field goal in to tie it before regulation? you had a great fumble forced, then a great touchdown drive(unless you count 3 plas from inside the 10), a great 3 and out, and a great return, and then a poorly thrown ball, and a missed 50some yard field goal............... frustrating.
9 Braylon - if youre listening, youve dropped quite a few game changing (if not game winning) passes this year..... why?
9. Romeo -you dont call Off plays, and you barely call Def plays, so let me ask you this, do you even watch the clock? The audience that watched the Pitt and Wash games don't think so.
10. How did we let Joe Flacco beat us twice? (sry Joe nothing personal)
11. Why did you have to whoop up on the Giants on MNF just to get my hopes up that this was going to be the 10-6 Browns that everyone was so hyped about at the beginning of the year?

Feel free to add your own, or commment on how we can focus this negative energy for next year...

10 team keeper (3)
1QB: Trent Edwards
2RB: Turner, Jacobs
2WR: Steve Smith (car), Greg Jennings,
1TE: Dallas Clark
1RB/WR/TE: Reggie Wayne
Bench: Addai, Lynch, Wells, F. Jones, L. White
Bench : Owens, Royal, Shiancoe