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Chiefs running back Larry Johnson pleaded guilty this afternoon to two counts of disturbing the peace in connection with separate incidents involving women at Kansas City night clubs last year.

A Kansas City Municipal Court judge sentenced Johnson to two years of probation but suspended imposition of the sentence. If Johnson completes probation without further incidents, the guilty plea will be removed from his public record.

Authorities originally charged him with two counts of assault but reduced both charges today to disturbing the peace.

In entering his plea, Johnson admitted the city had enough evidence to convict him. Therefore, city prosecutors did not have to call witnesses or present other evidence.

The charges stemmed from two incidents last year.

In the first on Feb. 24, 2008, a 26-year-old woman alleged that Johnson shoved her on the side of the head inside a club in the 3800 block of Main Street.

The woman told police that she and a friend were walking through the club when Johnson came toward them and said “don’t touch me” as he shoved her.

The second incident allegedly occurred in October at Club Blonde in the 100 block of Ward Parkway. A 24-year-old woman alleged that Johnson intentionally spit a drink in her face and made a threat against her boyfriend.

City Prosecutor Beth Murano said that while on probation Johnson cannot consume alcohol or be present in any Kansas City bars or nightclubs after 9 p.m.

He must also complete anger control counseling, not disturb the peace of the victims in the two cases and perform 40 hours of community service with the Police Athletic League.

Johnson previously faced charges in two incidents from 2003 and 2005.

The first involved charges of aggravated assault and misdemeanor battery for allegations that he brandished a gun while arguing with a former girlfriend.

Those charges were dropped after he successfully completed a domestic violence diversion program.

In 2005, a woman alleged that Johnson shoved her during another nightclub incident. The woman later changed her story. After she failed to show up for court hearings, prosecutors dismissed the misdemeanor assault charge.
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Now the Chiefs are going after the guaranteed portion of his 09 salary and then will probably release him according to the KC Star.

What an idiot?

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