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During his contractually obligated appearance on WEEI yesterday, Matt Cassel said Randy Moss has been positive. "Randy is great in the locker room. He's great to me, and he's been a great support factor," said Cassel. "He's been working hard with me for us to get on the same page and to build chemistry. The same goes with all the rest of the receivers and the tight ends as well. Randy has been great to me and very uplifting, and he's a great teammate." Pats coach Bill Belichick said he hasn't sensed any frustration on the part of Moss about not getting the ball the last two games. "No, I think Randy is one of our most consistent players," said Belichick. "I think he's been like that since he got here last year. On a daily basis, practice, games, preparation, I think he's one of our most consistent players." -- Boston Globe

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