Jason Taylor to Patriots?

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Now Jason Taylor is also a free agent. Just a few months shy of his 35th birthday, he's unlikely to command a megabucks contract or a long-term one. He's coming off a down year with the Redskins (just 3 1/2 sacks after averaging slightly more than 12 1/2 per season during his heydays with Miami from 2000-07) and would undoubtedly like to prove he has something left. He'd fill an obvious need for the Pats, who lacked a consistent pass rush last season and are now even thinner in that department with Mike Vrabel shipped to Kansas City. Though Taylor has spent the bulk of his career as a 4-3 defensive end, he has experience as a 3-4 hybrid and has returned three interceptions for touchdowns, including one against the Patriots in 2007. Given all of the praise, Taylor coming to the Pats makes a lot of sense, particularly since he'd cost a lot less than someone like Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers, who would not only command a top salary but trade compensation as well. -- Boston Herald
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While Peppers would be my 1st choice to come aboard as a Patriot it makes
more sense to bring Taylor to the team & could be just as helpful.

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If he has any football left I might be interested, but I have my doubts the actor wannabe auditioning as a dancer has much left beyond dazzling with a smile. Add his recent stall of waiting until after the draft (maybe thats just to see who has money/need left), and the supposed comments of not wanting to be a Patriot, wanting to be a Dolphin, I'd have to question if he's coming to play or coming to collect a check...and media attention, to dazzle with. Needless to say I'm not ready to open the gates and let him in just yet, then again, maybe its me thats a Patriots fan and he's still a fish.
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Does Jason Taylor have handshake deal with New England?

There are some who believe the Pats and Jason Taylor already have a handshake agreement in place. With the respect it appears Belichick has for Taylor, it's not too far-fetched to think that he'll be given a playbook, told to study up, and stay in shape until training camp begins at the end of July. That would give Taylor maximum time with his family. -- Providence Journal

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