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Well it seems like no one ever comes on these threads (guess everyone cares more about fantasy on this site- cool). But if you do feel like reading someone else carry on about the Saints, come to my site:

Read, comment, make fun of my opinions and hair. . . whatever you want.

I'll be posting commentary after every game during the preseason and beyond (about two days after the fact).

Who Dat!
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tough to be a Saints fan this year- team is going through a rebuilding- can't believe
I got sucked into the C.J. Spiller pre-season hype thinking he would be the next Darren Sproules...

Growing old ain't for sissies!
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Saints are 3-17 last five years during the pre-season. Shows you Sean dont give a flying F about w/l in pre-season . Proved again tonight by going for two late in the game which would have guaranteed victory over Dolphins .