Will Giants DE pull a Tiki?

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Posted: Friday January 04, 2008 07:39AM ET

As the Giants hold their last practice today before flying to Tampa to face the Bucs in a wild-card playoff game, there is a possibility that this could be Michael Strahan's last day at work in New Jersey. There is a possibility that a loss on Sunday might cause him to pull a Tiki Barber, to decide that at age 36, his body has had enough and that it's time to move on.
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And why not. Like I've said, there are two NY icons associated with whores: One is Times Square and the other is Michael Strahan. That gap-toothed sob will put his face on anything. He's gotta be rollin in money.

Also dz, be on notice. Sugarcane is out-hoing you by a lot in the Saints forum.

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