Tynes didn't wait for Coughlin

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With the score tied Sunday night at Lambeau Field, Tom Coughlin and Lawrence Tynes found themselves gazing at each other, with Coughlin trying to figure out what to do on fourth down at the Green Bay 29-yard line. On Monday, he conceded that he was not sure of his decision at first, so he looked for Tynes. To Coughlin's surprise, he found Tynes not on the sideline but standing on the field, preparing for a 47-yard field-goal attempt. Tynes had not waited for Coughlin, or anyone else, to send him into the game. He just ran onto the field. And when Coughlin saw that, he knew what to do. "I looked right at him, and when I saw him out there, it made a very strong impression," Coughlin said. "I knew he was feeling very confident. I was looking for a sign, and that was it."

New York Times