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Giants fans,

Never been to a Giants game. Looking at going week 16 vs Panthers this coming year. Need to know a few things:

-comments on where to stay. Buddy wants to stay in Manhattan on Sat night, cross the river in the AM, go to the game, stay in Jersey 2nd night...

-comments on where its best to get tickets. Looking at scalped tickets/ticket services. Need between 4-6 tix so far.

-other stuff I need to know.
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I've never been to a regular season Giants Game at Giants Stadium. I've been there once to watch an MLS game.

I saw the Giants Live for the 1st time 2 years ago when they played the Panthers in preseason here in Charlotte.

My advice would be lowball priceline. It works well for car rentals. My coworker got a car rental for $9 a day.

Check Craigslist. If it were just 2 tickets I would say wait closer to the game as people need to get rid of them if they find they can't go but with 4-6, I would get them early.

Especially if the Giants are wrecking house and the Panthers are playing well, tickets will be harder in Oct/Nov/Dec

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Hey, I've got season tickets and am from Jersey. I am not too sure about the hotels and stuff. For tickets, you can check stubhub or other online ticket places for tix. I dont know any other places that you wouldn't know of...They have NYG tickets exchange but you wont find anything on there.

The only thing I can tell you is to make sure you buy a parking pass since there is renovation going on with the new stadium and limited parking. Since last season, they will not allow you to park on the Giants Stadium premises without a parking pass. I know there are a few hotels in the area, but they might be expensive. I think the Sheraton is right next to the stadium, but I could be wrong on the name...

The Stadium is right off the NJ Turnpike, which leads to NY. You could hop on the turnpike and go down in NJ to probably find a cheaper hotel. If you need more info or anything specific, let me know by PM.