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When Michael Strahan announced his retirement on June 9 he insisted there was "no chance" he'd ever return to the NFL. Now, just 78 days later, there's a chance. The Giants reached out to Strahan Monday to see if there was any way they could lure him back for a 16th NFL season, the Daily News has learned. A source close to the seven-time Pro Bowler said he received a call from and was trading text messages with someone in the Giants' organization Monday while he was vacationing in Greece. The talks were in the early stages, the source said, and it wasn't clear where they would lead. But if nothing else, it was the first step in the "sincere overture" that Strahan wanted to see from the Giants before he would even consider a return, a source told the Daily News. As The News exclusively reported Monday, that flattery - plus an offer of at least $8 million for the 2008 season - would be enough to convince Strahan to consider playing one more year. Several sources close to Strahan had termed the possibility of his return "doubtful," but the Giants are in a desperate situation since Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umenyiora will have season-ending surgery today to repair torn cartilage in his knee. -- NY Daily News
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Unfortunately he ain't coming back.