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An outraged Rev. Al Sharpton is calling for the New York Post to take immediate action to address a column in Monday's editions that he called "blatant racism" and a "media lynching." Post columnist Steve Serby began his column in Monday's editions with "Good for Tom Coughlin. Good for Coughlin for tightening the noose around Plaxico Burress." Burress has been fined and benched by the Giants for infractions including tardiness and missing practices. On Saturday, the wide receiver skipped a treatment for his neck, and was benched during the first quarter of the Giants' win in Pittsburgh Sunday. In criticizing Burress, Serby used a racially loaded and offensive term, Sharpton told the Daily News. "To make such a blatant racist statement about an African-American football player with a neck injury is completely unacceptable," Sharpton said. "Clearly, the racial connotation is very disturbing. ... This is the verbal reflection of a hanging noose." Sharpton said he was willing to consider that Serby did not intend to make a racially loaded statement. But the impact of the columnist's words troubled Sharpton regardless of the intent. "Intent certainly makes a difference," Sharpton said. "As long as they understand the effect."

New York Daily News