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They spent 25 minutes on the phone the other night talking about how they could be just the fourth set of running backs in NFL history to each rush for 1,000 yards for the same team in the same season. And Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward should savor every moment. Because as teammates, that accomplishment might be the last thing they do, according to the New York Daily News.

With every yard they rack up — and so far it's 2,037 — their price tags go up. Both are scheduled to become unrestricted free agents after the season, and while the Giants will likely re-sign one of them, it's hard to believe they'll have the money for both.

"Yeah, that's definitely going to hurt," Jacobs said Tuesday. "I talked to (Ward) about that. Every time for the last two years I've been asking him 'What kind of money are you looking for?' it's been going up every day. I laugh at it every time he tells me."

Actually, as thrilled as the 26-year-old Jacobs is that the 28-year-old Ward is finally getting some overdue recognition, he isn't laughing at the potential loss of a teammate he says is "like a brother." But with Ward just 52 yards away from reaching 1,000 - something only 12 other running backs in the NFL have done so far this season - the reality is he'll be a very attractive free agent.

And with Jacobs likely to command a long-term extension this offseason worth at least $7 million per season, the Giants might not have much left to match what Ward will find on the open market.

Source: New York Daily News