Toomer unhappy with Giants

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Amani Toomer's long and storied career with the Giants has come to a surprisingly bitter end. The 34-year-old free agent receiver said today that not only does he not expect to be back with the Giants next season, but he's not sure he'd even come back if they made him an offer. He's still upset with the way the team phased him out of the offense down the stretch -- something he felt they were trying to do right from the start of the season. "They tried to do it earlier in the season, but I kept playing well and keeping myself in the mix," Toomer said. "They let me play myself out of it, then kind of pulled the rug out from under me. I was fighting it. I was fighting it for as long as I could. I kept making big plays. But I feel like they made a decision that, 'Look, we can't keep this kid around. We've got to turn the page. We can't just keep letting him go on and on.'" As a result, Toomer said, he's come to the conclusion that "I definitely think that in the current situation I don't think I could go back." He said his agent has had some talks with the Giants, but nothing substantial. And he's looking forward to seeing what he's worth on the open market when the free-agent signing period begins on Feb. 27.

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