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Put your early depth chart together for the Steelers at CB. I could see William Gay making a push for a starting spot. I liked what I saw. I'm really surprised McFadden didn't beat out Deshea last year. He HAS to move ahead of him this year, right??

1. Ike Taylor
2. Bryant McFadden
3. Deshea Townsend
4. William Gay
5. Anthony Madison
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I would hope that McFadden takes a starting spot this year. Deshea is getting old, and they really need McFadden to become a solid starter.

Gay, could push for 3rd on the depth chart, but I don't think he will start this year. I agree with you though,I did like what I saw from him last year.

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I just do not know about Deshea losing his spot. I keep thinking it going to happen and it never does. I do like what I see of Gay and actually think he may be in line to take over the spot of Deshea eventually. I just can not figure out what happened to Mcfadden.


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I could see McFadden moving into the starting spot for sure, but I thought that last year. I guess at this point I still see it Taylor, Townsend, McFadden, Gay and Madison. Training camp should definitely be interesting though.

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I'd hate to see Deshea starting, but I think he will be. :?

And I think it's going to be close for third, with William Gay starting for Deshea in 2009.

So I'm guessing it will be:
Ike Taylor
Deshea Townsend
Bryant McFadden/William Gay
Anthony Madison

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