What's wrong with Roethlisberger?

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Almost no one connected with the Steelers wants to talk about what's ailing Ben Roethlisberger and how that ailment is affecting his performance. Asked about Roethlisberger's health, coach Mike Tomlin said, "I'm not going to make that the story line, and neither will he. He was well enough to play today." Asked how he felt, Roethlisberger said, "You guys are never going to hear me make excuses. I don't care what it is ... shoulder, thumb: no excuses." But, even if no one is willing to address Roethlisberger's health, it's obvious that what was diagnosed as a low-grade shoulder separation is hampering his play. How do we know that? Here's how: In the past three games, two of which were losses, Roethlisberger has thrown one touchdown and eight interceptions. And that's after throwing nine touchdowns and three interceptions in the first six games. Roethlisberger has been missing most of the Steelers' practices recently, but insisted that is not a factor in his play. There is sure to be a demand from many in the Steeler Nation and some in the media to replace Roethlisberger with veteran backup Byron Leftwich, who performed so well in relief against Washington last week, in what was the Steelers' only win in the past three games.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette