Steelers 2012 Draft

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With the way things went this year on the O-Line and Run D, it's possible the Draft could work out something like this...

1st- DT, or OG
2nd- If DT in first, then OG. If OG in first, then DT.
3rd- MLB to groom to replace Farrior
4th- CB
5th- DE
6th- WR
7th- Best Available

The reason why I think the Steelers will go DT early is because Hampton not only is showing his age, but also if the Steelers cannot restructure his contract. Of course the O-Line is bad, but OG is the most needed improvement. The team can afford to GET RID OF KEMOEATU! Pittsburgh also needs to get a young MLB ready to study the system when Farrior is no longer a servicable piece to the defense. This year, he was fourth, YES 4TH, on the team total in tackles.

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