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With the trend of a post a season, I see the niners dont have a lot of love here on Fantasy Sharks.

So, anyone else out there have thoughts or opinions on our upcoming season this year heading into training camp?
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No where to go from here but up
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There is a huge contingent of 9'er fans here. There's more backstory to it that I'm entirely familiar with, but if you stick around you'll see. Your team has had a rough go of it lately, but should be entertaining to watch this year with Chip and Co. Kaepernick is almost the ideal QB for his system, if they can get him back on track, they could very well surprise.

These team forums are pretty desolate in general. You'll find me about the only one posting in the Seahawks forum. Kind of miss the rivalry that was there in a recent past, so cheers to things looking up hopefully.

Welcome to the tank and enjoy your swim. :Drink)

Aw, jeez. 2015 post... I guess dude couldn't swim very long. Posted in the wrong spot to gain any attention. I want my cheers back. :lol: