49ers Gore: Mike Martz is a Genius

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Playing in Mike Martz's offense and leading the league in yards from scrimmage has running back Frank Gore in a fine mood these days. It doesn't take much to make him happy. Talking about facing the New England Patriots on Sunday and their "genius" of a coach in Bill Belichick, Gore said. "We have a genius, too, in Martz. I love his offense. I just got to stay mentally in the game and take care of the little things. Martz is a great coordinator." Through four games, Gore has 369 yards rushing and 156 yards receiving for a league-best 525 yards, 31 more than Chicago's rookie runner, Matt Forte. Gore is averaging a little more than 10 yards per reception, with a long of 24 coming in the New Orleans game. -- SF Chronicle
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Sad part about this is that it doesn't even seem like they are utilizing him in the passing game nearly enough IMO.

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Gore saying you're a genius is up there with Oprah saying you're skinny.

Patiently awaiting Carrmageddon.

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