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So I got a first round bye. I play in a ten team 25 roster league. H2H 5X5. I got one of two first round byes and am going to use my 7 free adds of the bye week to stack pitching. I have no closers as I am punting. I am hoping to win 4-5 offensive categories and k's and wins are what i am gunning for. ERA and whip will be nice add ons too but i cant count on them.
Who will be some good 2 start pitchers I can pick up for monday or tuesday of round 2 of playoffs (sept 12-18) Also what other pitchers have great favorable matchups that might possibly be free agents?

Pitchers I must roll with in playoffs
1.Ricky Romero
2.Bud Norris cuz of k's
3. Luebke
4. Ubaldo
5. Doug Fister
6. Carpenter
7. Anibal Sanchez

Possible cuts. Now in what order would you cut these guys to pick up a nice waiver play?
1. pineda- if he gets s--- down.
2. nolasco
3. tom milone
4 Gavin Floyd
5. Bruce chen
6. Matt harrison- if he gets shut down
7. Cahill-

I'm thinking either chen, cahill, or milone would be first to go? Surkcamp a valuable 2 start pitcher? I don't know who is 2 start in 2nd week of playoffs but here is a couple of the notable options by percent owned and current pr15

phil huges
wade davis
jeff karsten mite be done
travis wood
randy wells
scott baker
henderson alvarez
tom wilhemsen
r.a. dickery
j,a, happ
jeff franic
guillermo mososco
and others
let me know if anyone knows any beasts who r going to perform week 2 of playoffs. crucial.

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