Drop Revere for McClouth?

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Is this a drastic move too early in the season to drop Revere for McClouth? I have a feeling McClouth will produce all season leading off for the O's and Showalter loves him. My team has some decent speed in Choo, Kemp, Rutledge already but I need OPB and Revere is giving me nothing.

This is a 12 team h2h category league with following categories: Runs, HR, RBI, SB, OPS, AVG

Thanks in advance.
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I wouldn't.* Not because I'm a big fan of Revere, but because I have no faith at all in McLouth continuing his hot start.
he's currently hitting more than 50 points above his career batting average, and almost 30 points above his best season. There's a reason he's only kept a full time job for an entire season one time in his career, and it's not just his injury history.

For the rest of the season, I expect Revere to beat him in batting average, runs and steals, while McLouth will have the edge in HRs and neither is a significant source of rbi.

*my thoughts are based on which guy I'd rather have for the rest of the season. However, there's a decent chance you can pick up McLouth and flip him in a sell-high deal, and there probably wouldn't be a rush to the wire to grab Revere after you cut him.

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If revere isn't getting sbs then don't be afraid to dump him. McClouth is getting sbs and getting more runs in a better AL lineup. If you drop Revere no one will take him so it's a low risk move. But McClouth has more upside for you imo.
Edit another important stat i left out is OBP. McClouth(4.29 14 walks vs 63 abs) Revere(.242 4 walks vs 87 abs). Right now Nate is the guy

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depends on how deep your league is. if it's a shallow league, Revere is likely WW-material at the moment...and you can afford to play the hot hands off the WW. if it's a deeper league with something like +12 teams/+30 roster slots...I'd hold tight