Where to Look for a Drop

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Too many options ... starting to spin wheels. Too many poor moves to get here and each move costs money.

12-team H2H league. Hitters get TB + BB + SB (almost like an OPS-only league plus steals). Pitchers get points for Wins, quality starts and saves. Typically get 6 starts per week.

I want to add McCarthy but have some indecision on who to replace.

Weeks and Moustakas have not even sniffed the track they need to be on.
I just cut Jeter to add Drew (I start Segura but want to supplement for off days).
I like Alonso but I use Freeman in the DH slot.
I think Lincecum still has value.
Cashner has been fine but I wonder about the innings-cap on young pitchers - especially on a mediocre team.

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Weeks and Moustakas should be both be cut in redraft leagues.

Lincecum and Cashner should be held on to.

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