trade help for verlander!

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should i sell high of verlander he has not been himself

im getting bryce harper but also giving up masterson and wil myers

im giving up alot but im stacked with harvey, kershaw, bumgarner, and others at pitching what would you guy do?
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you're giving up Verlander, Masterson and Myers for just Harper?
That's not selling high.

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yea you're not selling high at all. your actually buying high on harper with him being out right now with a knee injury and you never know how a player is gonna react to that or bounce back. I think you should hold onto verlander. He has put up over 1k an inning and 10 QS so far. Id at least wait till verlander puts up 2 or 3 solid performances then trying to get a guy like cargo for him or a top bat in a place you need offense.