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Drafted 7th out of 10 teams. Local money league, H2H Dailey Lineups.
Scoring: 6X6

C: B. Posey
1B: C. Davis
2B: D. Pedroia
3B: P. Alverez
SS: T. Tulowitzki
IF: E. Andrus,
OF: A. Jones
OF: S. Choo,
OF: M Kemp
B: K. Seager, P. Sandoval, A. Hill, L. Martin

SP: Verlander
SP: Zimmermann
RP: Nathan
RP: Janssen
P: F Rodney
P: Samardizja
P: CJ Wilson
DL: Minor, Chapman

We didnt go to a bar in South Boston this year, but were at a house party- still lots of beer- and 'penalty shots' for certain picks (like taking the same player as the year before). :party-smiley-050:

I didn't get to do any prep work for this draft, so I really had to rely on draft software. I got Posey in the 5th round- not sure if that was too early or a good spot. The software said I was weak on SB, so I picked up Martin- not sure if I could upgrade the outfield with a guy like Victorino, or Kris Davis. I do think I am a bit weak in Outfield.

I also have at least 2 players on the DL - and Kemp may be a 3rd. The fill-ins I am looking at are a RP (Hawkins) and SP (Alex Wood).

As always, any help would be much appreciated.


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that is a sick team drunk or not,,,,especially if Kemp bounces back

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10 team leagues make it hard to draft a terrible team.
They also make it hard to keep fringy guys on the roster. I'd cut Martin and Seager. And don't get too attached to any of the healthy pitchers below Nathan on the list.
Those guys are all representative of the kind pitchers available on the wire at any point in the season in shallow leagues, and none of them are "every start" guys, so you should be quick to cut any of them if a good matchup is available.

I'd try to upgrade at 3B, too.

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