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Cutthroat Fantasy Football is back for year #5 - ONE OWNER NEEDED. 11 of the 12 owners from last year are returning

This is a very unique league that rewards the top teams each week, and penalizes lazy, inactive, and/or bad owners.

2019 Rules -

The Basics:

Redraft. 12 teams. 4 divisions.

Draft Day - Wednesday, September 4th at 10pm eastern. 60 second pick timer. Draft usually lasts right at 1 hour

You choose your entry fee $25-$75. Each round of the draft is determined via lottery. Every teams gets one "ping pong ball" per round. Owners will receive 1 additional ping pong ball for each additional dollar they pay in entry fees and they can decide how they want to distribute their ping balls throughout the draft

Owners are expected to be active. This means, each owner must check-in by posting a comment in their team's message board thread on the league website ( every 24 hours. If an owner exceeds 24 hours, their upcoming opponent may "lock" a player on their roster - meaning that player cannot be in the upcoming week's starting lineup

Each week, top teams get to steal a player from the bottom teams. In turn, bottom teams get to steal a player from the top teams. Bottom teams get to protect 2 players. Top teams get to protect 5 players

Each week, free agent claims process with the top scorer from the previous week getting #1 seed, 2nd scorer gets #2, etc. Claims processing is a straight-line (no snaking)

It may sound like the bottom teams would get completely decimated, but we found that was not the case over the past 4 years. Many times a bottom team actually gets better, since their 3rd best player may not be as good as a top team's #6 player.

This league is really tough, but it is lots of fun. It does take dedication, and even the most dedicated owner slips up from time to time.

Take a look at the rules - - and shoot me a message if you want to play.