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As the title says, I am looking to join three 12 or 16 team PPR redraft leagues with $25 - $50 buy-ins: Auction, IDP, Guillotine

A few other caveats:
• I only play in 12+ team leagues
• I only want to play in PPR leagues
• The league manager/commish must require owners to be active (except the guillotine league) and have a system in place to replace inactive owners. I play for fun, not to win a few bucks. Inactivity is not fun
• I need draft times that are 10pm eastern or later 8/29, 9/2. Morning 9/2. Morning, afternoon or early evening 9/4 or 9/5
• There must be a full rules document that I can look over beforehand
• IDP league must make defensive players relevant in the scoring (if you need help here, I used to be in an IDP league that did it really well. I can share their rules)
• Auction league must be auction for draft and for weekly "waivers" or claims processing
• I hate leagues with a league vote to approve trades. Ideally, I am looking for leagues with strong, confident and fair league managers/commissioners who will make all the trade rulings. Simply, too many a-holes only vote in their personal best interest, rather than what is actually fair - or allow others to actually make decisions regarding their own team

Shoot me a message if you have a league(s) that fit these requirements.

PS - If you need multiple owners, I may have a few others interested in playing.