NFL Challenge 2020

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The Fantasy Sharks NFL Challenge League

*Rules changes from 2010 are in red*

"Welcome to the League where being a homer is the name of the game!"

This is a Redraft League with IDP Players and rules that include everyone using at least 1 home team player every week.

Commisioner Scootm44
Co-Commish PhillyPhaithful07

Here is a link to the 2020 League:

NFL team names will be used. Owners are prohibited from changing their franchise name during the season. Each franchise will also use their NFL team's logos and colors. Current owners will have priority during the offseason when their true home/favorite team has a vacancy.

A. Rosters are limited to 20 players.
B. Rosters are limited to 4 QB, 6 RB, 8 WR, 4 TE, 3 K, 5 DL, 5 LB, 5 DB
C. Two sets of player pools will be used. The AFC will use one pool and the NFC will use the others. Players cannot transfer from one pool to the other.
D. A taxi squad will be made available during bye weeks. A max of 2 players will be allowed on the taxi squad and only players who are on a bye will be eligible. These players must be removed immediately following their bye week.

A. Each team must consist of the following starting lineup during each week of the season:
13 total starters
1 QB
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex (RB or WR or TE)
1 K
2 DL (DT or DE)
2 LB
2 DB (CB or S)
B. If no lineup is submitted by a team, their previous week’s lineup will be used.
C. Should an owner fail to submit a starting lineup twice during the season (consecutive weeks or not), the commissioner shall warn the owner that his status as an owner is in jeopardy. If the owner fails to respond and/or a starting lineup fails to be posted for 3rd time, that franchise will be removed and a replacement owner found.
D. Position eligibility -- is the official position source to be used in case of dispute between and
E. Each franchise MUST start one homer player each week. Any franchise that does not start a home team player will get a loss for the week. The only exception is when your franchise has a bye week. During the bye weeks you do not have to start a home team player.


A. ... 44882&O=09
B. Fractional scoring will be used with 2 decimal places.

A. Regular season ties will be ties.
B. Ties for playoff qualifying will be determined by:
Overall Winning Percentage
Total Points Scored
Reverse Order Of Opponent Total Points Scored

C. Tiebreakers for playoff games
1. Highest scoring player in starting lineup
2. Highest scoring top 2 players in starting lineup
3. Higher seeded team - will not apply for AFC vs NFC Superbowl
4. Week 17 overtime full game

A. Each franchise will play 12 regular season games. 1 game against each team in it's conference and and a randomly assigned 12th game.
B. The Playoffs will start during week 13. 6 teams from each conference will qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs will play out identical to the NFL playoffs. After every round, the teams will be re-seeded. The #1 and #2 seeds from each conference will have a bye week for the first round of the playoffs. The AFC and NFC Championship games will be played week 15. The Super Bowl between the AFC Champion and the NFC Champion will be played during week 16 of the NFL schedule.

A. The entry fee for each owner is $4. This is to cover the website fee.
B. The sand fee for 2018 will be $600 sand dollars. Donations can be made to "NFL CHALLENGE BANK" in the second post below.
C. The payouts will be as follows:

AFC regular season winner = 1000
NFC regular season winner = 1000
Other 10 playoff teams = 500 each
Super Bowl Runner-up = 2000
Super Bowl champ = 5500
AFC High Scorer = 500
NFC High Scorer = 500
Total Pot $15500

A. During the season, the waiver wire will be open for requesting players from kickoff of the first game of the week (Sundays) until Wednesday evenings at 10:00PM ET. Waivers will be automatically processed based on W/L record, Least Points for, Power Rank. From Wednesday night until kickoff of their respective games, players can be signed on a first come first served basis. Players will become locked at kickoff of their respective games. All dropped players will be locked for 2 days and can be requested through waivers with the same tiebreakers. Moves are unlimited and waiver rounds are set to the max allowed by the system ( 8 ).

B. One special round of waivers will be setup to cover the period between the draft and the start of the season.

C. There will be two IR spots. Owners will have the ability to place players on IR. Players must be listed by MFL as IR or OUT. Teams will be responsible for following the news of that player. Players that were out one week and on a bye the next often don't show a designation on MFL. Such players will be allowed to remain on IR until the next week's report. Players often become "surprise" OUT designations minutes before kickoff. It is understood that if MFL does not update the designation before kickoff, the commissioner will not override and put the player on IR. Suspended players are not eligible for IR.

A. Trades must be approved by a commissioner before they are processed.
B. The commissioner will only deny any trade deemed to be collusion or intentional disruption.
C. The trade deadline will be the kickoff of week 9.
D. Trading of draft picks is only allowed in the current year's draft.

A. Owners will choose their draft slots. the order for choosing is mirrored by the real NFL draft order. For example, in 2018 the Browns have the first pick, so their corresponding owner in the Challenge will have first choice of his/her draft slot.
B. The chosen slot will apply to all rounds, factoring in the inversion for a serpentine draft.
C. Teams will begin choosing their slots no later than 3 weeks before the drafts begin.

A. The annual draft will consist of a 20 round serpentine draft.
B. Any player not on a roster is eligible to be drafted.
C. The clock will be set for 12 hours and will not turn off over night.
D. Teams that miss a pick will be awarded a pick by the system. If a team misses a 2nd pick they will be put into auto mode. A replacement owner will be found for any franchise that misses two picks in a row. When a new owner is found, that franchise will be taken off of the auto mode.
E. The 2020 draft will start Sunday, August 16th, 2020 at 12AM E.S.T. or 48 hours after the last replacement owner is found, whichever comes later.

A. This competition will be strictly optional. If an owner wants to participate, 100 sand must be donated with their entry or before kickoff of the 1st week of NFL games.
B. The commissioner will not change anyone's pick at any time for any reason.
C. Owners can select one team per week by going to the top tool bar, then Owners/Survivor Pool. Once you pick a team, you can no longer use that team again for the rest of the season. If the team you pick wins, you move to the next round, if the team you pick loses, you are out.
D. Ties will be ties and the winnings will be split up by all the winners.
E. The winner of this competition will receive the entire pot of sand dollars. If there are 24 entries, the pot will be 2400. If only 8, 800. Etc.

A. MFL will be the final authority when it comes to stats.
B. Once per week on Thursdays, the scoring changes will be automatically applied. It makes no difference if 1000 stats change or just 1, the system will automatically update anything that changed due to a scoring change.
C. After Thursdays scores are FINAL.

A. All rules change requests will take place during the off season through league polls.
B. There will be an offseason thread created in the community forums after the NFL Super Bowl.
C. To add or change a rule, owners will need to make your case in the forums, then get 2 other franchises to second the notion then a poll will be created. All offseason polls will run for 3 weeks or until June 31st, whichever comes first.
D. At no time will there be more than 10 rule change polls to consider at one time.

XVI. Passed in 2019 Offseason

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Who's back for pain?


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Poll on the homepage. Please vote.

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Hey Everyone, we are going into the conference room to hear Doug's strategy as to why he picked four kickers in Fantasy Football....
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Well, since Fournette is gonna be out that means I'm REACHIN FOR MINSHEW BABY! WOOH!

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Lets do this!

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What a pleasant and needed surprise to get the "renewal notice"!

CDC estimating deaths in June could reach 3,000 DAILY due to states reopening. If this is accurate it doesn’t bode well for fans at games. Still hoping they could at least play without the fans even if it delays the openers. Would suck, but it's better than no football. Hope springs eternal.

"Tennessee Titans" (Noleman) would love to come back and defend the crown!

Great White Shark League 2020 - Nole Man
League of Titans 2020 Norse League - Nole Man
NFL Challenge 2020 AFC - Tennessee Titans
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Yes, I'll be back.
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Im in

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I'm in.

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As the representative of your Super Bowl champions The Kansas City Chiefs real life..,.not here....I always suck in the league...
I will be returning
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