FILLED $27 Super Guillotine league

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Are you ready for something different? Looking for a new take on season long leagues?

A guillotine league begins with seventeen teams and the lowest scoring team is simply eliminated each week. When a team is eliminated, the players on that team are returned to the free agent pool and available for the remaining teams to win with the highest blind bid.

Every week there are highly sought-after players available through waivers. Competition is fierce and no other league provides week after week of quality waiver wire goodness like this.

Assuming you survive week 1.

But, do you know what sucks about drafting in a seventeen team league? Drafting in position seventeen. Or sixteen. Or anything beyond the first few slots. And in a guillotine league, you won’t survive a bad start to the season.

Auction - no one gets stuck with the crappy draft position and everyone has $200 to spend to fill 15 roster spots

$200 salary cap - winning auction bids and free agent bids become a player's salary. Salaries are reset when players are dropped or released when a team is eliminated.

$25 entry fee plus $2 hosting fee managed through LeagueSafe majority vote

Champion wins $425

Custom graphics hosted on MFL


LeagueSafe link -

Rules -

email me John at Vandygriff dot net with the team you want

Please reply to this post with any questions and I will answer as soon as I can

** Covid19 Guarantee - If the fantasy football season is cancelled or otherwise catastrophically disrupted as a result of the pandemic or other catastrophe we haven't even thought about, owners can choose to have fees carried over to next season or have them returned to their LeagueSafe account. **
Posts: 7
Joined: Mon Sep 1, 2008
Sand$: 35.60
League is filled - thanks.