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Faneca will be gone. If we don't get some O line help. We are in trouble for a long time

Essex played well in the Jags game. He may be able to handle his own. If we don't draft like 3 offensive lineman...the front office should be shot.

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re-sign Roethlisberger
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The_Bus wrote:If we don't draft like 3 offensive lineman...the front office should be shot.

I could handle drafting 2 and maybe grabbing a couple in FA (I have no idea who will be coming out). Center should be the #1 priority. Mahan was brutal on too many plays all season. Tomlin's boy just didnt pan out.

Woodley and Russell have played a couple good games in week 17 and the WC game. I hope these guys get good time over the OTA/Preseason 2008.

Where the F was Timmons? The only thing I heard from him all year was stepping on Ricky's shoulder to get a fumble (other than a couple special teams plays). Man, I hope he lives up to at least half the hype.

Ike is not a #1 corner. I think teams focus more on him than Townsend. McFadden could be a decent #2, but I cant see the future being Taylor/McFadden on opposite sides. IMO, this is #2 priority in the offseason.

#3? I guess that defaults back to O-line, probably tackle. I doubt Starks resigns, but Essex did well in the WC game, although it was about 80% pass blocking. Either Tackle or Guard should be addressed at #3.
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This team really needs to rebuild. If their is not major pick ups in free agency and creativity in drafting we are going to have a long season ahead of us. At this point if nothing is done, we could have a 5-11 to 6-10 season. This team has holes everywhere.

First thing is first. This team needs to become Tomlin's team with his systems and his guys. If there is any reason he wants to go to the 4-3, next year is the year. Timmons is a 4-3 outside linbacker(and could be very good there). He is not an outside 3-4 backer. If they stay 3-4 he will have to be and inside backer. Woodley looks like he could be play either a 4-3 end or an 3-4 backer. This offseason will tell us a lot. If this is offensive system they want to play, then they also need to adjust .(better wrs).

The Rooneys and Colbert need to step up. This is not 1979 anymore. We need to be more active in free agency. Other teams work around the cap now and we need to also. We do not need to be crazy like some teams, but we need to do better than Mahan. The lower round in the draft have been lacking also. That is where you build your team as some one else has mentioned.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens in the off season. Will management finally step or keep playing the old game they do. They have a very good qb in Big Ben and they need to build around him. He is our best qb since Bradshaw.

Here are a few interesting facts I read on on the steeler sight. The Steelers will at least try to offer Starks and Fanacea. This other bit is somewhat of a rumor but I will throw it out any way. The Steelers were looking to offer Fanacea as their C since he is getting older and would help pro long his career. Take it for what it is though.

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