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Bills QB Trent Edwards' declining play, which is greatly influenced by all of the above, but also due in part to his own poor play. "There were some plays that I watched on tape that were very uncharacteristic of me and I need to fix those," Edwards said on Monday. "I think we're just in a little bit out of a place right now and we need to fix things really quickly." Buffalo has dropped to 24th in the league in yards per game at 303.8 and 20th in scoring at 21.3 points. At 90 yards per game and 3.6 per attempt the rushing attack is now 29th in both those categories, and only three teams have fewer than the Bills' four rushes of 20 yards or more. During this losing streak the Bills have scored just three offensive touchdowns, they have turned the ball over on offense eight times (five interceptions and two fumbles by Edwards), they have only three rushes of 10 yards or more (none in the last two games) and just eight passes of at least 20 yards (none against New England). "It's just little mistakes here and there, honestly," said Edwards. "The mistakes that we weren't making earlier in the season, we're now making those mistakes for some reason. It's probably on us, and it probably has to do with the defenses that we're facing." -- Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
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Edwards is in free-fall......and I hate to say it, but only next year can help him......

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