Flacco vs Cutler

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Who do I start Week 3?

Joe Flacco (vs CLE)
Jay Cutler (vs SEA)
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start flacco, he has been more consistent though the first 2 weeks and schould do well against the browns.
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In this case I'd go with Flacco. Yes the Raven will be running, but so will CHI. I think Flacco has been the consistent player, which gives him the start.

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I am in the same boat, and I LOVE having these two guys to decide between.
This week is kind of unique because they both have interesting matchups.
Despite Cleveland being an awful team, their pass D is solid. Obviously, they are not scared to let Flacco air it out in the redzone, so you gotta like his chances to atleast throw for one or two scores in this game. He may not exceed 200 yards passing in this one, so Id say 200, 1-2, leaning towards one at this point. Standard scoring, thats 12-16 guaranteed points. Consistent yes, big upside? not so much

I think Cutlers upside is much higher, yes SEA hasnt given up a passing touchdown yet, and not very much yardage, but who have they played? STL and SF, niether team is very scary through the air at this point. Based on how Gore slashed SEA last week, you gotta believe this is what the focus of practice will be this week. To stop the run, think Dallas last week after getting run on by the Bucs in week 1. So, while Forte will have a good day, I see Cutler torching this team this week, and even if he doesnt "torch" them, I find it hard to believe he cant put up ATLEAST what Flacco will.

Im starting Cutler this week and not re-thinking it.
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Cutler. He has the hot hand, and I see that continuing this week. Flacco will post serviceable numbers, but not as good as Cutlers will be.

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I think the consensus is Cutler. Thanks Sharks.
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You could flip a coin. It should be that close. I would go with Cutler too though.

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