What's up with Sammy Morris?

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Does any of you know what is the status of Sammy Morris? Bellicheck is a fantasy owners nightmare!!! why does he always have to be secretive about his injured players? It drives me nutZ!!!

Please if anyone has heard anything...let me know! Wondering if i should drop him or not?
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This isn't much, if not anything most didn't already know. Unfortunately, it is probably all we are going to get for a few weeks.

Taken from a article:

"(FFChamps) New England Patriots running back Sammy Morris could return to action in as few as two more weeks. That's the word from the Boston Herald, which reports the specific injury Morris suffered back in Week 6 was a torn MCL in his left knee. Morris did not play in Week 7 and the Patriots had a bye in Week 8. The Herald reports he could return for the Patriots Week 11 game against the Jets."

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