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This year draft order will be reset when final league assignment and notifications are sent. What that means is that the draft orders now are NOT the final draft orders, but that everyone will know their draft position well before the draft. So do not get too excited/depressed about your draft position, as after August 1 when final league assignments go they will all be reset.

This is slightly different than last year, as I only reset drafts for open sign up leagues after they filled. Quite honestly that was because I did randomize draft order before I sent the first notices in the past. That did not happen consistently this year, so to be sure that each league has a new and random draft order, I will be doing it as leagues are finalized.

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Whips out sledgehammer - proceeding to forget my draft position

Hope the side effects aren't too serious :lol:

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son of a whales crackers. I was psyched to have #1.
i hope I get 4 now though ;)

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