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gridguru wrote:
DraftSharksBank wrote:I have been out of the tank, so I am not clear on Cleffed and Feral, I am guessing its not good news though...

Damn dude....I hate to be the one to tell you, but CleffedUp committed suicide about a month ago (serious as i can be). :(

Feral left the Tank soon after. I wouldnt expect him back.


I am speechless...

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Thanks for the note, I have you in SemiPro East on my spreadsheet, not sure how you were missed when I put them on the thread, but you are there now.

Thanks ItsGood!

I donated the 500 sand entry fee this morning with a note referencing my team in SemiPro East.

Appreciate it!


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I'll be back for this one.

Sands on the way.

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I was in the college league last year, but don't see my name in the lists on the second post. I would definitely be in if I am still invited...
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I paid (more for my own reference).
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Sands sent. I love this format, definitely looking forward to the draft.
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Any word on when the draft starts for this and what the draft order is?

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I am not going to do draft orders until all the money has come in :)

Here is what I have so far, will update first post as well.

The following people have NOT PAID

SemiPro West
The Peoples Champ
Angry eyes
Waiver Wizard

SemiPro East
Feral Pig

Mister Destructo
Cleffedup *Not sure what I plan to do here yet...
el capitan

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10ball wrote:I'm back this season.
I've packed my bags for the move up to Semi-Pro

Sands payed

I paid on June 23

I was one of the first
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Forgot all about this league due to my dismal showing last year :oops:
Sands en route.

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Sands sent. I'm going PRO next season.

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Sands Paid! Unfortunately I forgot all about this league and was severly behind the 8-ball! Not this year fella's. In the famous words of George Jefferson "I'm movin on up, to the top!"

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Sandies sent. Ready for a better showing than last year...
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Sorry guys, when I fell to the bottom last year I thought I was out. As you can see on avitar I have no sands. :shock: I still owe for two leagues in tank so I am not going to be able to return. I would love to, but I am financially hampered at the moment. :lol:


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I'm back for this year - sand on the way.

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