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Im in a keeper league. If i keep Chris Johnson..i have to forfeit my 1st and 3rd round draft pick. I already have Arian Foster (my brilliant pick last year) is it worth the gamble with a possible long hold-out looming?
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Tough call right there. Thats a bunch to give up to keep him. I do think he will sign before the season, but if there is high quality in the 1st round, I might just drop him.

Foster should have another monster year, running behind that O-line.

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I have a question of my own. Lets say i'm in a keeper league, do I try and trade for Chris Johnson even tho he may miss games this season, if it means I can keep him for the seasons to come? Is it worth risking this season for the next one basically.
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i offered Johnson to someone in my league for their 4th round pick if he's not signed by Sunday...our league rules are very unique..but fun. Im banking on someone gambling with the hope of paying off in the longrun. I just wish he would sign so i don't have to worry about it. If i keep him (lose 1st and 3rd round)..and he sits out all screwed..
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I would not keep him for those picks. You can still get a top 15 running back in the first round, and you can get a good wide receiver or quarterback with the round 3 pick.

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I would probably drop CJ since you already have Foster. CJ is good but 1 & 3 round pick might be to much to give up.
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As everyone has already alluded to - the price is too steep to keep him. With a first and third rounder, you should easily be able to better your team with another stud RB, and a third rounder to use as you please (depending on your scoring system and roster requirements).

Cut him and save yourself some grief this season. I'm not as optimistic as Snake about him signing before the season starts. Listening to Bud Adams and Mike Reinfeldt posture on one side, and CJ on the other, the whole thing just has lots of negative energy right now!

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Throw him back for that price. Giving up 2 high picks is too much. Plus he may scare other owners away and you may be able to redraft him if none of the other elite RBs slip back to you and you want to gamble on him.

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